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Apps don’t have to run just on mobile devices!  The same Sailing Lesson Movie Apps we have for the iPad and iPhone can also run on your Mac or PC!   Take Computer Sailing Lessons at home on desktop or laptop!  
  The sail course includes the Parts of a Sailboat, how to tie Knots, Rig a Sailboat, understand Sail Tension and Care, Wind Theory, Sail Trim, Points of Sail, Tacking & Jibing, how to Stop a Sailboat, Leaving & Approaching Docks and Moorings, Person Overboard Rescue , and how to Right a Capsize!    The lessons are taught by experienced teachers and narrated by a US Coast Guard Captain and Instructor of American Sailing Association Classes!  Your own private instructor!  Play the lesson video demos below for example.

  Parts of a Sailboat Sailing App  In this instructional video app you will learn all the Parts of a Sailboat, including Mainsail, Jib, Standing and Running Rigging. What these sailboat parts are used for and how they work.  Taught by your own private air coach! USCG Licensed Captain and Instructor of ASA Classes!








Parts of a Sailboat   Mac and PC Desktops and Laptops




  Learn to Tie Knots Sail App  One of the most important skill of sailing is to know how to tie certain knots and to tie them quickly. With Narration and Digital Video, you will learn how to tie the most necessary Sailing Knots. You will how learn to tie the Bowline, Figure Eight, Reef Knot, Square Knot, Clove Hitch, Cleat Hitch and Round turn. Also covered are the different parts of a knot, types of knots and maintenance of line used for tying knots. You will learn what the knots are used for and how they work.   40 minutes




Learn to Tie Knots Mac and PC Desktops and Laptops




Learn to Sail App  Volume I  This sailing lesson movie apps package includes Rigging the Boat, Introduction to Sail Tension and Care, Wind Theory and Handling Orientation, Introduction to Basic Sail Trim, The Points of Sail, Tacking and Jibing. Narrated and taught by a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and instructor of American Sailing Association Classes (ASA) using animation and digital video from Sail Magazine. Suggested prerequisites for this course are Sailboat Parts and How to Tie Knots.


Learn to Sail Volume 1  Mac and PC Desktops and Laptops





Learn to Sail App Volume 2    Continue your  private sailing lessons with this second series of movie apps.  You will discover how to use a Centerboard, Stop a Sailboat,how to Leave Docks and Moorings, Land at Docks and Moorings, how to Anchor, Move your Boat When Becalmed, Rescue a Person Overboard, and Right a Capsized sailboat! Suggested prerequisites for this course are Sailboat Parts, How to Tie Knots and Learn To Sail Volume 1

Learn to Sail Apps for ipad  

Learn to Sail Vol 2  Mac and PC Desktops and Laptops