On Line Sailing Courses

Nothing will replace the experience of learning to sail on the water. However, in a traditional sailing class, you have quite a bit of classroom time before you ever get to the water. Most beginner sailors arrive cold turkey for sailing lessons not knowing anything. They sincerely want to learn to sail, however, the nomenclature and fast information presented on site can be overwhelming. Our online lessons, used as a preliminary course, will educate you on foreign sailing topics and terms in advance so that you can get the most out of your “Hands on Sailing” investment. And if it is a while before you do actually sail, the Apps that we give you for Free of your lessons provide an opportunity for you to brush up on those skills just before heading out on the water. Benefits: Less time in the classroom, more time on the water Access to affordable, individual sailing lessons anytime from anywhere Absorb at your own pace Advanced theory knowledge learn-to-sail-online-demo

Integrating the courses with Digital Chalk, an online training platform, tests and grading are offered, furthering the learning experience. This new platform allows you newbie or rusty sailors access to affordable, individual sailing lessons with a qualified sailing instructor anytime from anywhere. No installation or downloading necessary; all that is needed is an internet connection.

Upon completion, video clips of the complete course are delivered to you, the student, via email and can be used as a reference forever. PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire Tablets Supported. Would you like an online sailing learning experience that feels like a private lesson from a professional sailing instructor?  Then you’re ready to test-drive a Learn To Sail Online course!

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