Learn Coastal Navigation CD DVD



Ever try to learn to read nautical charts from a book?   You can do it, but how much better to combine the sequential drawings with spoken instructions, animations and videos with an instructor. Learn Coastal Navigation at your own pace with this interactive navigation program on CD! The program is chock full of video clips narration and graphics demonstrating all aspects of coastal navigation. Step by step, learn all about buoy systems, compasses, variation, deviation, the compass rose, how to read charts, and dead reckoning. Also includes the Rules of the Road! Find out who has the right of way in many situations! Plus two Nautical Glossaries! navigation cd screen shot Testimonials: “Very Pleased with the CD. It echoes the Coast Guard Auxiliary course I took on seamanship and safety.” George D., PA “I have enjoyed your program and will give me a needed resource to keep my skills sharp. ” Rick P., CT     how to read a chart navigation video Little Pines Multimedia, Apps4Sailing West Dennis MA Ph 774 408 8014