Learn to Sail! With Multimedia! CD DVD



Learn to Sail with Multimedia
“Learn to Sail with Multimedia! Vol I and II” is an Interactive Sailing  Training Software  Program on CD DVD for Windows PC.   Developed with qualified sailing instructors and weather experts, it is chock full of narration, animations and sailing video clips demonstrating all aspects of sailing, such as wind theory, the points of sail, tacking and jibing, how to predict the  weather, tie nautical knots and advanced topics.  The program includes interactive quizzes, fully utilizing the CD/DVD media. With this self study sailing course, you will be able to confidently sail with an experienced friend or private instructor and exercise your hands-on skills with ease!  Depending on the time you take to go through the CD, you can be out sailing in just a few days! The content was written by qualified instructors with sailing instruction video clips from Sail  Magazine. Topics that are covered are Parts of a Boat, Sail Boat Handling, Wind Theory, Coming About, Jibing, Sailing a Triangular Course, Anchoring, Leaving and Approaching Moorings and Docks, Weather, Rules of the Road, Nautical Knot Tying, Advanced Topics and much more!  It also has 5 interactive quizzes so you can see how well you are learning! Over 30 hours of instruction! Watch a 10 minute demo of the CD. Includes a mini sailing lesson! Please note: the Piloting Section is sold separately. This CD/DVD will help you get the most out of those sailing lessons you have had or have signed up for! Sailing schools, including the US Navy, have used this software to teach sailing! Written by qualified instructors. We have sold over 35,000 CDs to aspiring sailors!  Here is why I created this CD program.
Learn to Sail with Multimedia sailing training CD DVD

Learn to Sail with Multimedia sailing training CD DVD

Testimonials “This is a great learning tool. I love it.”  G Perry, AK “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the CD Learning to Sail. I’m a new sailboat owner and know nothing about sailing. Your CD taught me alot. It was nice to be able to go through the chapters and take the quizzes. I also liked the video and watching the different situations pertaining to wind directions,rescue,and also the parts of the boats and sails. There was alot of educational information too much to mention. I recommend this to anyone who is wanting to learn to sail or just brushing up on sailing. Thanks for thinking about us newbie sailors out here.”  Elizabeth, NY “I really enjoy the “Learn to Sail” cd. The video clips, speaking and printed descriptions make learning easier. I am an audio visual learner and this fills the bill.” W. Reston, Houston “We still need the text books, But this product takes the passion for sailing to a whole new level. Great job Multimedia! ” Michael, Florida “This is a fantastic sailing product! I was able to learn at my own pace and review it again later. I was able to then apply what I had learned when I went sailing this summer. It was great and I didn’t feel left out or silly. I had a great time sailing!”  D Cornman …iliketotallyloveit.com “I have received your CD and have enjoyed the time with my boys learning how to sail. It makes it look so easy. We will be well prepared when we take sailing lessons next summer. Thank you!”  T. Planty, NY “Your software appears to be the ideal type I have been seeking for a good deal of time. Your software is to be used to help conduct ground school at high school for a senior class Naval Junior ROTC leadership course. Once I found this software and checked your website, I was certain this was what would fit best for my first step into training media. I can foresee that this software will also prove useful in teaching over 140 students at the NJROTC Area Four Leadership Academy/Sail Training Program at Newport for two weeks each summer for the best two students from 64 schools across 18 states. If you have other software or other products, I know several other instructors who would be interested.”  R Smith, CDR M.M, USN, MA Be Independent!  Power your Boat with the Wind!  It’s Green and it’s Free Little Pines Multimedia, Apps4Sailing West Dennis MA Ph 774 408 8014